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  1. Fiery Flower vs Damp Mushroom -- A Tourney Semi-Final Weather War

    Nice warstory. Minor nitpicks are solarbeam on Venusaur and using Stone Edge in places Focus Punch would have been better (vs Espeon and Forretress, Focus Punch > Stone Edge)
  2. Two type move combos and their coverage

    Notable users (list is by no means complete: Ghost/Fighting: Gengar Dragon/Fire: Reshiram Dragon/Fighting: ? Dark/Fighting: That dude in LC that got a lot of attention I forget the name Dragon/Water: Kingdra, Palkia Normal/Water: Bibarel (lol) Dragon/Ground: Garchomp Dragon/Electric...
  3. "What's the worst that could happen?"- Barry's fight!

    He switcharoo'd the Blastoise, so his other 3 moves were probably Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, and Brick Break. Not choice locked. Duh.
  4. Never forget the obscure

    Props to Machop for using Shedinja, he's awesome once you get past the fact that he needs so much team support.
  5. Would you still play in Smogon's OU Metagame if Stealth Rock was banned?

    I know of no move called Stealth Rocks. Why do people continuously get this wrong. EDIT: Also ban Earthquake because in the long run it probably deals more damage than Stealth Rock and its a top 5 move and is centralizing. See what I did there.
  6. Flareon's Rage.

    11/10 for Flareon.
  7. The Royal Sharpedo's Debut - B/W OU

    Some questionable decisions, but otherwise a pretty decent warstory. By the way, what EVs on Sharpedo and Metagross? I'm wondering if the Hydro Pump would have finished him off if he hadn't switched Metagross into your Ice Beam on the 2nd turn.
  8. Dream World Tier: ManaBlitz vs. Jnbrex

    ^ Also, your opponent sacced a lot of stuff needlessly. If he had sacced Ferrethorn to get Chandlure in to break Marvel Scale, he wouldnt have most Hippowdon. And if he hadnt lost Landorus to Mamoswine by just bringing Blissey first...then that's 2 Earthquakers to kill Jirachi after Blissey dies.
  9. Celebi

    Celebi wants max speed otherwise non-scarf Hydreigon makes Celebi its toy.
  10. Speed is fun - 'till it kills!

    Very nice warstory, some gutsy predictions there. (Woulda been less close if you hadn't sacked half your team =P)
  11. Stealth Rock Discussion

    I think earthquake should be banned because it's too powerful and really shapes the metagame. Seriously though, entry hazards to hit flying stuff is kinda needed, because, well, there are supposed to be hazards upon entry. That includes flyers. I presume they make it Stealth ROCK (vs Stealth...
  12. Haxrachi v Heatran: Hyperbeem v Grasskicker

    Nitpick: Jolteon outruns scarftar anyways, assuming Timid, so scarf isn't something Jolteon would have to worry about. It would be CB or SpD that you would want to watch for.
  13. First Warstory (Insert Pun Here)

    Overuse of the pharse "Stealth Rocks" instead of "Stealth Rock" would have killed it for me if it hadn't been an otherwise very good first warstory. =P
  14. Honchkrow

    Why not calc for Focus Blast?
  15. Swampert

    Random note: one random buff that Pert gets is that people will be more likely to run fire as their random hidden power instead of grass.
  16. Help With More Lenient Tournament Rules

    stack your team with inconsistent abusers. and get something that abuses rain abusers hitting you with thunder
  17. (WarStory) My first warstory: ShinyWeavile vs Acetrainershaun

    I scrolled through, no lines of commentary were more than 1 line long.
  18. 2 Noobs Fight to the Finish!

    You should have just gotten a mod to move the original...
  19. Most Overrated 4th Gen Pokemon in OU?

    Lol@people saying Gyarados. Sure DDGyara has a ton of checks, but it is in no way overrated because its RestTalk set was very very good for checking tons of stuff.
  20. Ducks and Dogs

    Nice warstory, lack of Gen V pokemon really made it seem like an old Gen IV warstory (a good thing). Concise narration that still showed thought process, flowerly language that was not overdone. He played Blissey somewhat badly, although keeping Blissey in on that Payback was very very ballsy...